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Made for Kitchen Innovation!

Story from Our Founder

In my youth, unlike my brothers or other friends, I’ve always been fascinated with kitchen and baking. I'd rather stay in the kitchen and baking instead playing outdoors. I guess you could say that I am a big fan of baking and gradually it has become my lifelong hobby. I find it really interesting to try all kinds of creative bakery recipes with my kitchen appliances. The same cake can produce different tastes based on various ingredients and with different ratios of baking.

However everything changed in 2010. I still remembered it was a hot summer afternoon and I was trying this new Birthday Cake recipe for my daughter’s birthday with an old model stand mixer. Due to the loud mixing noise of the mixer, I did not hear the cry from my little girl in the next room (she burned herself while heating hot chocolate), which delayed the time for hospitalization. As a father, I blamed myself and decided to develop a powerful stand mixer with less noise. 

Until 2022, I had gone through thousands of failed attempts to manage come up with this KM50 Stand Mixer and Kitchenin brand. In addition to its low noise feature, KM50 Stand Mixer is in durable metal construction with 400 Watts DC Motor. It has 8 convenient speed options with timer function. Compared to current stand mixers on the market, KM50 has the simple tilt-head and modern planetary design. Its universal mounting hub is able to adopt different kinds of attachments to turn it into an ultimate helper in the kitchen. Kitchenin, Made for Kitchen Innovation!

In memory of Kitchenin’s origin, I decide to donate 1 dollar per stand mixer unit we sell for Burn Foundation of America to help burn patients and their families.