Stand Mixer Repair 101: Why is My Stand Mixer Not Running At All

Stand Mixer Repair 101: Why is My Stand Mixer Not Running At All?

When your stand mixer is experiencing operational issues or fails to run altogether, several potential culprits could be at play, ranging from power-related problems to wiring issues, motor malfunctions, or control panel irregularities.

Power Issue:

Initiate troubleshooting by examining the outlet's GCFI circuit breaker, resetting it if necessary. If the GCFI is in proper working order, try plugging the stand mixer into a different circuit to see if it runs. If not, scrutinize the house breaker for any dead outlets and reset it if needed.

If the stand mixer remains unresponsive when plugged into a functional electrical outlet, unplug it and inspect the power cord. If the cord is cut or damaged, a replacement is imperative. It's a fundamental yet overlooked aspect that can significantly impact your mixer's vitality.


In addition, should the power cord be intact, inspect the power cord wiring connections on the speed control board or electronic control board. Reconnect any loose power cords and repair any damage to ensure optimal performance.


Transition to motor scrutiny if the control wiring passes the test. Begin with an examination of the carbon motor brushes (the stand mixer should be still unplugged). These should boast a wear length exceeding 5/16 inch. In their absence, promptly replace both brushes.

If the motor emits a buzzing sound but fails to spin, and the brushes are in good condition, a motor replacement might be in order due to faulty motor windings.

Control Issue:

Lastly if you are not able to figure out why your stand mixer isn't running after following all above tips, other possible causes are a faulty speed control board, phase control board, or electronic control board, or a tripped motor overload switch.

Final Call to Action

In scenarios where the issue remains elusive, and the stand mixer steadfastly resists rejuvenation, consider reaching out to the Kitchenin Support Team. Possible complex issues may require the discerning eye of a professional.

Remember, your Kitchenin KM50 Stand Mixer is a marvel of culinary ingenuity, and with the right troubleshooting approach, you can restore it to its full glory. If you encounter any further challenges, leave a message in our comment area or reach out to We're committed to ensuring your culinary endeavors remain seamless and delightful.

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