Speed Control Guide for Stand Mixer

Speed Control Guide for Stand Mixer

We always see lines like "mix on low-medium speed..." in recipes, but what is really low-medium speed? How do we set the stand mixer to medium-low or medium-high speed? If you're just getting started with your stand mixer, here's a guide on where to set your actual stand mixer speed control to match the speed indicated in your recipe.

Notes: Different stand mixers come with different speed controls. This guide below applies specifically to Kitchenin KM50 Stand Mixer.

Quick Speed Guide Reference

LOW speed: set to number 1

MEDIUM-LOW speed:  set to number 2

MEDIUM speed: set to number 4

MEDIUM-HIGH speed: set to number 6

HIGH speed: set to number 8

Speed Number 1: Slow Mixing

This speed is used for slow mixing, mashing and rapid stirring. Use this speed when mixing heavy batters (like cheesecake) and sweets, start mashing potatoes or other vegetables, cut shortening into flour, mix thin or splattered batters (like pancakes and crepes), then mix and knead yeast dough.

Speed Number 2: Mixing, Beating

Great for mixing semi-heavy batters like cookies and pound cakes. Use this speed to mix sugar and shortening and add sugar to the egg whites to make the meringue.

Speed Number 4:  Beating, Creaming

This speed is perfect for the cream method, where sugar and shortening (such as butter) are first mixed together, and then the cream is made by adding the mix. Use this speed if you are making a batter and it says to whip it. This speed should also be used to complete the batter that tells you to mix them up.

Speed Number 6: Fast Beating, Whipping

This speed is great for whipping cream, egg whites, and boiled frostings.

Speed Number 8: Fast Whipping

The highest speed is used for the same things as speed number, but it gets the job done in less time because it's faster - great for whipping small amounts of cream or egg whites.

If you have more questions about stand mixers speed control or any other functions, please feel free to leave a comment or email us directly at Support@Kitchenin.com. And we are more than happy to answer those for you.

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