6 Tips to Properly Store Your Baking Ingredients

6 Tips to Properly Store Your Baking Ingredients

1. Purchase Baking Ingredients In Smaller Batches

It's best to buy baking ingredients in smaller, manageable batches, since your storage may be limited. But it's also important to have some in your backup storage in case you need them. So how do you store ingredients without taking up too much space? You can do this by checking the amount of extra space you have and designating backup space and depending on the purchase, how much can easily accommodate that space. 

2. Clean Containers Every Month Or As Soon As It Becomes Empty

Baking ingredients are notoriously quick to absorb flavors. Therefore, you should clean the container frequently. Make sure to do this at least once a month or when the container becomes empty. Remember to air dry them after washing to keep them fresh.

3. Always Have Separate Washing Equipment For Baking

Using the same equipment that you use to wash and clean utensils (especially salty ones) will only allow those unwelcome smells to contaminate your baking equipment. For this reason, it's best to keep it separate from the ones you use to clean salty equipment.

4. Do Not Leave Containers Open

Sometimes we all become tired because of this we avoid closing the box completely. It's best to avoid this as it will just end up ruining the ingredients and thus your baked dishes as well.

5. Add Used Vanilla Beans To Your Sugar Containers

This is one of creative ways to bring a lovely flavor to sugar. You can do the same thing by putting used vanilla beans into the container. This way, you can use this lovely spice for a longer period of time and get a wonderful scent every time you open the container.

6. Keep Salty Ingredients Away From Baking Ingredients

Salty ingredients have an extremely strong aroma and flavor, which is undesirable for baked ingredients. Therefore, keep in mind to always make sure to store them separately.

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