10 Reasons Why We Love Food

10 Reasons Why We Love Food


According to Julia Child, “People Who Love to Eat Are Always the Best People". So... what makes food and the people who enjoy it so great? Food is not just what people eat when they are hungry. The food is amazing, delicious, creative, colorful, inspiring, and more. A shared love of food can bring different people together, and it can make even the saddest people feel a little better, if not even meaningful.

1. It brings people together. 

There is nothing better than having a meal with the whole family around the same table. Food is a catalyst for bringing people together. Bringing the whole family to a Christmas Eve dinner or Thanksgiving dinner at your grandparents' house, inviting friends to a birthday dinner or annual family celebration is all about keeping in touch and connecting with family and friends you may not see regularly. If I have distant relatives or family friends in Los Angeles that I haven't seen in a while and offer to take me out to dinner to "catch up", you bet I'll take their offer for sure. Food is a wonderful thing that brings people together and can help you stay close to your loved ones.

2. It’s social.

Think about how many times you've texted a friend saying "hey want an ice cream" or “time to have lunch”. Even if you may not realize it, a lot of socializing is centered around food. Birthday or holiday dinners, city trips, lunch dates, cocktail parties, happy hours, or even a pizza party in the dorm. The moment someone says "there will be food," more people tend to be present at an event or social gathering. People are connected by the foods they like, and there are many different communities, such as the vegetarian community, that are based on similar diets. Food makes everything more fun, and it's a great way to bring friends together and connect with others!

3. It’s always by your side.

Problem: Unexpected breakup

Solution: A bucket of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and your bff's shoulder to cry on

Problem: Haven't started studying for tomorrow’s final

Solution: Starbucks iced latte with double espresso and a bowl of cereal

See? You can always turn to food to make you feel better, even just a little bit. People even use food as a motivation to get homework done before taking a break to study. After a bad day or something upsets you, sometimes all you need is comfy clothes, a good movie, and a bucket of ice cream to heal everything.

4. It makes any gathering even better.

Food makes everything better, especially parties. A themed party like a holiday or tailgate isn't complete without tacos or hamburgers, fries and guava. Honestly, a party with food and drinks sounds much better than an iPod with random speakers hooked up in the basement. Party less, eat more.

5. It’s fun to make.

Once I made up my mind to make the layered rainbow cake I saw on Pinterest, no one could stop me. Food is really fun to make. Getting recipes online, grabbing inspo from Pinterest pages, and even making your family's traditional Christmas cookie recipes are all very enjoyable. There's nothing more satisfying than getting your gooey, homemade, smelling creations out of the oven, and of course taking pictures of all your friends to let them know what a cook you are.

To Be Continued…

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